Showering is always a refreshing experience, but sometimes you might want to shower in something that isn’t just a traditional shower. Fortunately, if you are considering remodeling your shower, there are a variety of shower remodeling ideas that you can look to for inspiration. With many years of shower remodeling experience under our belts, the expert shower remodelers at Sho-Pro of Indiana who also provide Bath Planet products will go over three common shower remodeling ideas. 

Accessible Walk-In/Roll-In Shower

One of the most common shower remodeling ideas is having a walk-in/roll-in shower. These showers are a great remodel for people who are experiencing some form of limited mobility as well as people, such as seniors, who want a more accessible shower tailored to their needs. A walk-in/roll-in shower comes with:

  • Safety-Grab Bars
  • Easy To Access Shelving
  • Walk-In/Roll-In Entryways

Stylish Glass Doors

Another common shower remodeling idea is adding a glass door to your shower. A traditional shower usually only has a shower liner and shower curtain to enclose the shower. If you want a more stylish touch to your shower, consider adding a glass door. A glass door not only enhances the appearance of your shower, but it provides an extra layer of protection to ensure that water stays within the shower. So, if you want a shower remodel that is more modern and functional, consider a glass door. 

Convenient Tub/Shower Combo

Showering is great and something that many people look forward to after a long day. There may be a time though where you wish you had something more than just a shower. If that’s the case, then a tub/shower combo might be a great shower remodeling idea for you. A tub/shower combo provides you with benefits such as:

  • Convenience of Bathing & Showering
  • Customizable
  • Works For All Family Members

Start Your Shower Remodel

Hopefully these three common shower remodeling ideas can give you some inspiration on how you want to remodel your shower. Now is the time to get the shower remodel that you’ve always wanted!