There are many reasons why homeowners choose a bathroom remodel. Some may just need a more functional living environment, while others may be remodeling to resell. While you’re putting in the work for an up sale, you don’t want to compromise the whole purpose by choosing the wrong colors.

However, the colors of your home can deter potential homebuyers. That dark red wall may go great with your décor; however, people need to be able to see themselves in your home. If you’re remodeling, here are a few neutral colors to consider.

Bright White

There are places in your home to go bold. You can reface your bathroom cabinets in a darker color or install an active pattern bath wall surround. However, you’ll need to balance that look elsewhere. A bright white color will illuminate the room and mix well with bolder colors.

Cool Off-White

Potential homebuyers can easily envision their preferences with off-white schemes. For a classic look, consider a cool off-white color. This color hue provides a clean canvas to accompany all types of décor.

Creamy Colors

Yellow is the undertone of a creamy white color. It’s clean and can pair with other whites for a farmhouse motif. This color also pairs well with dark accents such as faucet fixtures, for a calming effect.


Between white and beige is the color Bone. Not white, but also not as yellow as a beige. Bone is a wonderfully neutral color that can pair well with dark-colored walls in a bathroom remodel or serve as a backdrop with the addition of a bold cabinet installation.


However, for a truly warm feel, there is the classic beige option. Beige can be found in various colors, from sandy fawn to yellow. Using beige in your color scheme will bring a warm and welcoming vibe, which any potential homebuyer can appreciate.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, speak with the experienced design team at Sho-Pro of Indiana. They can help you choose designs and color combinations that will upgrade the value of your home while providing a welcoming environment. Give them a call for a free quote.