When deciding to update your kitchen, you’ll likely find yourself asking, “Should I get kitchen cabinet refacing or invest in new custom cabinets?” The answer ultimately depends on a variety of factors, including budget and desired aesthetic. That is why, as an experienced kitchen remodeling company, we here at Kitchen & Baths by Sho-Pro will go over if you should choose cabinet refacing or getting custom kitchen cabinets installed. 

Choosing Cabinet Refacing

If you have a limited budget but want to give your kitchen a refreshing new look, then consider opting for cabinet refacing. This process involves replacing the existing doors and drawer faces with new ones and applying a laminate or wood veneer over existing cabinets. Cabinet refacing is significantly less expensive than installing all-new cabinetry and typically takes about 1-3 days to complete. So, if you decide on cabinet refacing, then make sure:

  • You Already Like Your Current Kitchen Aesthetic
  • Your Cabinets Are Structurally Sound 

Investing In Custom Kitchen Cabinets

On the other hand, if you are looking for more of an overhaul for your kitchen, then custom kitchen cabinets might be right for you. Custom cabinets provide more versatility when it comes to design and style, allowing you to choose the exact materials, finishes, and hardware that best suits your vision. Additionally, since they are built from scratch according to your exact specifications, custom kitchen cabinets, such as solid wood cabinets, can often last much longer than their refaced counterparts. 

If you decide you want new kitchen cabinets installed, then make sure that you are aware of their:

  • Longer Installation Times
  • Higher Costs

Choose The Right Service For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whichever route you decide to take with your kitchen cabinet upgrade—cabinet refacing or new custom cabinetry—make sure to work with an experienced contractor who can guide you through the process and ensure that all of your needs are met, like us here at Kitchen & Baths by Sho-Pro! When it comes to our custom kitchen cabinet and cabinet refacing services, we offer free pricing estimates when you fill out our online form. So, don’t hesitate and get started on your service today!