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Peyton H.

The installation of our Energy Shield went better than I expected. First the installers were on time, second, they were friendly, had all of their needed materials and equipment, went straight to work without any standing around wondering if the walls were still perpendicular, left our attic looking neater that I have ever seen it, and finally cleaned up the mess from working with insulating materials. What I thought was especially interesting was when I lowered our attic staircase, climbed up the steps, and found an aluminum foil cover for our attic entrance. I had not thought of a cover for the mobile staircase, but after I thought about it I realized that the installers knew what they were doing. When one purchases an improvement as expensive as this you always wonder if you will get any satisfaction if everything does not go according to plan. We had our little "glitch" and when I telephoned the company to inform them of the "glitch" the representative did not hem and haw around while he made excuses, tried to avoid responsibility, or tried to blame others. He simply expressed disappointment, voiced conc

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